• Image of Bundle: 'Your Mess as Much as Mine' 12" EP

Bundle option for Oak's new record 'Your Mess as Much as Mine'. Released 28th of January, 2017.

The bundle includes the following:
* 'Your Mess as Much as Mine' 12" Ep on a color of your choice + Cover art T-shirt
* Vinyl available on Black or Blood Red w/ marbled black. White w/ marbled black sold out.

1. Broken Bodied
2. Garden
3. For Better or Worse
4. Elsewhere
5. Family and Friends

Released by Oak, Truthseeker Music (UK), Hydrogen Man Records (US) and State of Mind Recordings (US).

"Your Mess as Much as Mine" by Swedish hardcore band OAK bridges the gap between hardcore and screamo to create a truly furious feeling record with a modern sound. The five tracks span 17 minutes, channeling emotions ranging from anger and grief to melancholy. Since their self-titled debut album they've developed musically towards a heavier sound, drawing on influences such as Converge and Botch, while at the same time making room for more nuance and dynamics, pulling from metal and nineties hardcore. The result is a powerful and cohesive mix of genres, developed into a chaotic storm of heavy, post-hardcore."